My Favorite Tools

Posted on 24. Oct, 2005 in Uncategorized

Every day I rely on several tools to help me save time by doing the job right and protecting what I do. I would like to share what works for me.

1. Email via Eudora

Eudora is a real easy email program to use and handles filters very well. This means I can specify if a message comes from a certain email address or subject, then it goes into a certain mail box – away from my important daily inbox. Eudora also has the advantage of being less targeted by virus makers which is a plus. It comes in several different versions: lite, sponsored and paid.

2. Roboform

This magic little program stores all my login names and passwords (called passcards) for every site I need to visit, and can fill them again with a single c*lick. Plus it can fill in forms online, once you set it up. The trial version lets you use up to 30 passcards before you need to register it.

3. AVG Virus Checker

This fr*ee virus program checks all my email for nasties and keeps me safe. Has already saved me from losing everything from gremlins in my incoming email.

4. Second Copy 2000

This back up software takes important files and makes copies of them on another drive or computer. I use it to back up every file in the My Doc*uments folder and specific files from Eudora, so I never lose my mailbox system or any e*mail a*ddresses. Second Copy works in the background while you work and can be set to automatically backup set items.

5. Text File Editing

In sending e-mail it needs to be readable. I write using MS Word, which has good spell and grammar checks, then paste into Notetab to format the message at 65 characters wide to ensure the message looks the same on all computers.

6. Email Filters

All email is being filtered by ISPs for certain words. If an email has specific words, then it simply is deleted without the account owner even having a choice. This means legitimate e-mail gets stopped too. This fr*ee program tells you all the trigger words and helps the message get to the receiver. It’s really easy to use but tough on checking the words. It works very well.

There are others I use, but this group is my list of daily tools.

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