Enticing Visitors To Return To Your Site

Posted on 02. Nov, 2005 in Uncategorized

What’s the best way to make your visitors return to your site? I will mention at least seven things for you to do.

1. Introduce yourself to them.

This is the very first step you have to do. One salesman quoted that you have to first sell yourself to your customers and then when he’s comfortable with you, he will then be interested in what you can offer him.

2. Make them your friends.

It is a proven fact, that a friend will most likely buy from his friends or people he trust. You also invite friends to come in and feel at home and might even give them a tour in your house. It’s the same way with your website.

3. Give them what they need.

People browse the web when they need something. Construct your website in such a way that it will cater to those needs.

4. Entertain, Inform and Teach Them.

The whole purpose of the World Wide Web is Information Technology. People don’t want to be taught, they need to learn. By presenting information to them in an entertaining way, you have removed the boredom of traditional teaching.

5. Give Them Free Stuff.

Most people buy but if they see something that’s not for sale but is equally good compared with the paid one, they might as well get it. Let them always look for your site when they need these freebies on the web.

6. Give Them Better Deals.

You might as well place a link to your paid products/services near your free stuff. You want people to know that you’re not only giving free stuff but you’re also selling other products as well. And the difference in your products is that either it is delivered earlier than the competition, it is priced right or it is a high-quality one.

7. Show tons of categorized links.

Let people always look for you when they need something that you don’t offer. One error on placing links on a website is you only offer links ot the same category. So that same website is your possible competitor and you are helping them get a sale. The solution I can give there is why not offer other categories beyond the scope of your website. This is just to make people return to your site whenever or not they need your service. Thus, eradicating the competition.

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