Busy People’s Guide To Top Search Engine Position Methods

Posted on 08. Mar, 2006 in Making Money

With millions of Internet users turning to search engines every day to find information, services, products, and goods to buy online, can you afford not to be found by them? Search engine position optimization is a strategy that doesn’t look like advertising, yet it can increase your income dramatically.

So what are the top search engine position methods used by those who are listed on the top of the search engines? There are a few simple top search engine position optimization rules you must follow:

Top search engine position methods:

1. Valuable content. Many people overlook this, yet it’s the most important factor in a successful search engine position strategy. People want useful information and interesting content. High search engine positioning isn’t just about computer algorithms. It’s about quality content. Search engines strive to place quality sites with useful information on top of the search results A successful search engine position strategy must take this into consideration.

2. Keep it simple. One of the most common search engine position mistakes is to present search engines with content that cannot be seen by the search engine spiders. The spiders are basically blind. They don’t see images and often have problems reading frames, flash, and dynamic content. Sites built without fancy effects are better seen from a search engine position point of view.

3. Choose keywords carefully. Make sure all the keywords and keyword phrases you choose are words that people actually are searching for. Why rank high for a phrase like “top search engine position optimization” if everyone searches for “high search engine positioning methods,” “guaranteed search engine positioning service,” or “search engine positioning”?

4. Put keywords in the text. How can the search engines know what your page is about if you don’t tell them? I cannot expect you to find this article searching for “top search engine position” unless this keyword (top search engine position) actually is frequently used in the article. It’s logical, yet many people forget about it. They wonder why a page doesn’t show up for a particular keyword, and it’s not even used on their site.

5. Place keywords where it counts. Place your keyword in the title of the page (), in headlines (

), in bold (keyword here), and in italic (keyword here) text. You should also put it in your domain name and/or URL. This is a very effective search engine position tactic.

6. Make use of meta tags. Meta tags are not as important for search engine position as they were before. Never or less, correct use of description (

) and keyword ( ) meta tags should still be a part of your search engine position strategy. So take care to put unique meta tags in each page on your site – each tag describing the content of that particular page.

7. Get your own domain name. If you are serious about your search engine position, you absolutely must have your own domain name and IP address. This shows the search engines that you are serious about your site. If you are sharing a domain or IP address with other sites, you are at risk of being banned or penalized for spam and other unethical search engine position methods used by other sites with the same domain or IP address.

8. Get a quality Web host. Make sure you have a reliable host able to keep your site up all the time. The most effective search engine position tactics in the world will not help if your site is down when the search engine spiders come to visit. It will be deleted from the search engine index, and often left out for months. Also make sure you get your own IP address and access to server logs. Log files can be a highly valuable search engine position tool.

9. Get links to your site. This has become very important if you want successful top search engine position. Search engines assume that sites with many links pointing to them are important, high quality sites. Especially valuable are links from other high-ranked, quality websites on the same topic as your site.

10. Hand submit your site. Never use software to blast your site out to thousands of search engines. The best search engine position strategy is submitting your site by hand to the top ten search engines and directories. It will take 4-8 weeks before your site is indexed. Do not resubmit monthly like some search engine position tutorials tell you to do. It won’t help your ranking.

Search engine position tutorial:

Follow the basic search engine position rules in this article, and you will be on your way to top search engine position in no time. However, if you want more in-depth information about top search engine position optimization, I recommend the FREE search engine optimization, 10-step guide to better search engine position at: http://search-engine-secrets.net