Head 2 Head: Graphical Banners Ads vs.Text Link Ads

Posted on 17. Mar, 2007 in Online Advertising

1) Click through rates. I would say 468×60 banner ads have probably the lowest click through rates for any banner in history and perhaps a highly targeted text link may do fairly well, but overall, it would clearly be graphical ads that outperform.  Don’t believe me?  Try using a rich media 300×250 big boxes and compare them to any text link ad.  I’ve seen rich media click through rates as high as 10% =  Winner Banners

2) Annoyance Factor. Although Google Adsense is getting there, small fixed text links are almost not even noticeable on most sites, and nothing can be more annoying than those strobe light type flashy banners.  = Winner Text Links

3)  Branding. Well its really hard to brand your company without displaying  your company logo, so I would say there is almost no branding effect with text links.  How can you effectively brand your company with words alone?  With a banner you can convey a company image and even a feeling about your company. = Winner Banners.

4) Improving your Google PR. Well at first thought I would give this to text link ads, but paid text link may not only ‘not’ improve your Google PR rank, it may even hurt it.  See Matt Cutts for more details, after all he would know, he is one of the ones building the Google algorithms. But with that said, any banner certainly won’t help SEO or page rank, and even though Matt says it won’t help, I’m still with most online marketers that believe it might. = Winner Text links

5) Message. You can fit so much more information into a large banner than you can into a tiny text link.  Prices, specials, different product information.  Try comparing a 20 character limit link to a 728×90 leader board. = Winner Banners

6) Interaction. No interaction with a text link ad.  Your customers cannot interact with a text ad, the only thing they can do is click on it, with an interactive rich media banner ad, your customer can interact with your product and service without even leaving the site they are on. = Winner Banners

Overall Winner = Graphical Banner Advertisements

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