Frequency, Frequency OR Targeted Message directly to your Niche Market?

Posted on 22. Dec, 2007 in Online Advertising

Seth Godin wrote and interesting post today that actually brought me out of my blog rut.

While I don’t agree with his first comment:
“Frequency, Frequency, Frequency and the paradox of the Net. The #1 contributor to success in advertising, without any question whatsoever, is frequency. “Repeat yourself until everyone is annoyed but your accountant,”

I’m really not sure that anyone should be taking advertising advice from their accountant?

I certainly agree with his next comment:
“The challenge online is this: smart people are bored by frequency.”

Today’s advertising game, especially online, is not about annoying the most people you can. Online advertising is about getting the right product in front of the right audience. It’s about the ultra niche markets talking directly to their target client base. Not broadcasting to mass markets in hopes that you may or may not get seen by your potential audience. Ignorant marketers are the ones that are still buying huge run of network campaigns on massive portals to get as many ‘eyeballs’ on their ads as possible. That is a huge waste of precious ad dollars. With technologies like behavioral targeting or even the basic geo-targeting, and demo-targeting, why advertise to someone who will not only never buy your product, but can’t even use your product? EVER. As a male, one product that is marketed towards me constantly is tampons. Why? I can’t use them. TV airwaves are inundated with these ads everyday, and while massive current TV ad networks can’t filter the audience by gender, you can online. A simple request for female only demo-targeting with your online ad buy and presto, your ad budget has just doubled. Not using geo-targeting on your campaign is just laziness as well. Why have your advertising running in China if your product can’t be bought there?

The really exciting thing about online advertising is that you don’t need a massive advertising budget with hundreds of thousands of dollars and blast advertising banners everywhere you can, buying up super cheap CPM’s to spam as many viewers as possible. With a few hundred bucks you can get started with keyword campaigns and advertise only to your direct niche. And with millions of small blogs out there on every topic imaginable you don’t have to go to the large portals to do you ad buys, you can go directly to your audience and engage with them.

Get your product or service in front of the people who want it, or ever better, create a brilliant product and your users will actually advertise it for you.