7 Reasons you Should be Advertising on Blogs

Posted on 04. Jan, 2008 in Online Advertising

7) Good bang for your buck: Most bloggers are part time and or just do it for a hobby, so any income is usually good income. You can get on some great blogs for as low as $50 or $100 a month. Try getting on Yahoo or MSN for $100. See if they return your email

6) Easy to get started: Most medium sized blogs now have an ‘Advertise with Us’ section with simple pricing and direct contact to the blogger/owner or blog network they are affiliated with.

5) Blog readers are power internet users: Blog readers spend a lot of time online, so if you are not marketing your product to them where they live, you are missing them completely. 44% of the readers of our video game channel spend more than 30 hours online each week. (I’m sure a lot of the left over hours are used playing video games

4) It elevates your products status: Let’s face it advertising says a lot about your product, and so does the medium by which you choose to promote it. Your product or service will seem a lot more cutting edge being promoted on blogs over the yellow pages.

3) Blogs tend to be read by other bloggers: A high percentage of blog readers actually have their own blogs. This one leads into my next 2 points and the last one being the key reason for advertising on blogs.

2) Bloggers are early adopters: Bloggers and blog readers are much higher on average to test out new technologies than that average internet reader. For example with the readers of b5media’s business channel, 78% own a laptop computer, 58% own an LCD or plasma TV, and 55% own a blackberry or iPhone. Those usage numbers are way higher than the average internet user and massive compared to the average TV viewer.

1) Bloggers are very influential: This is the big one. The powerful influencers are quickly shifting to the small voice. I’m not talking Oprah here, I’m talking about the single parent stay at home mom that loves the book, the 4 hour work week, and hates windows vista. Bloggers are generating dedicated readers and followers that not only test out or buy a product that they recommend, but the readers too are blogging about it. It’s a waterfall of influence if even one prominent blogger likes your product. I reference those to products, because that book popularity was spurn in the blogosphere and Vista was killed by it. Bloggers can make or break your product. Get in front of them early and let your product grow with them…

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