6 Key’s to Successful Blog Advertising

Posted on 05. Mar, 2008 in Online Advertising

#1 Change up your creative often: This one is the most important, so I started with #1 first. ‘Ad blindness’ is a common fact with any type of advertising whether it is big billboard on the side of a building or an ad on the homepage of your website. Frequent visitors are going to notice something different about the site if you have a new advertiser with a new banner ad, once they have seen the ad several times or even several dozen times they will start to ignore it, moreover, actually not even see it anymore.

#2 Rotate different ads: This is an alternative to actually replacing an ad, try just rotation multiple ads in the one position. Most publishers should be able to rotate multiple creatives automatically for you within their ad server. Test out 4 different ads for a few weeks and use the one with the highest CTR on that site and others.

#3 Use tracking URL’s: If you’re not sure what traffic is coming from which ad, they you really won’t be able to tell which campaigns are effective. One simple software package is http://www.eztrackz.com/. At the very basic level at least create a reference tag (?ref=) for the URL you use for your ad campaigns. Anything after the question mark won’t affect the URL that the click goes to, but it will show up in your referral logs. (example: http://www.b5media.com?ref=advertisespace)

#4 Know the Blog: Make sure that the ‘readers’ of that blog are the right demographic for your product. Ask yourself ‘who reads this blog?” Sometimes the readers of the blog are more comprised of your competitors instead of your potential customers. Get as much information about the audience as you can.

#5 Get Above the Fold: Don’t get lost on the page, or way down the side bar. The majority of the blog readers are coming to the homepage, and reading the 1st post. If you can’t see your ad when the page first loads, neither can you customers.

#6 Don’t forget the value of branding: Every marketer is always so focused on clicks, CTR & CPC, but don’t forget about the ad impressions. Almost all forms of more traditional advertising are still about ‘how many people’ have actually seen your ad. Blog readers are a little more savvy than the average Internet user, so even though they may not be clicking as much, they do see your ad, and they are remembering your brand.

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