Open Call to ALL Ad Networks – Pay up or shut up!

Posted on 15. May, 2008 in Online Advertising

Ok this is still one thing that really irks me. Every person that I’ve ever met from any ad network has the exact same pitch. “We have the best CPM’s in the industry” Wow, how is it that everyone has the highest rate? There can be only one number one. Give us a real CPM. What is a real CPM you ask? $10. Now that is a CPM. $1 is not. One dollar is what crappy remnant house inventory sells for. Zwinky quality. Don’t give me a buck. Give me at least $5, or don’t bother pitching me. Even AdSense has you beat if you want to pay $2 and then request frequency capping and/or pass backs on non-US inventory.

OK so what is the solution for these ad networks who all copy each other and all claim the same thing?

– Come up with a different model. Stop following everyone else and innovate.

– Pick a niche space and own it. “Go Green Ad Network” (Doesn’t exist, at least I don’t think so?)

– Raise your qualifications. Increase the quality of your publishers and you can charge a higher CPM’s. Stop accepting anyone into your network, just to raise you ComScore numbers and inflated fluffy reach.

Sell ads at real CPM’s and then actually pay out a good percentage to your publishers. (Casale Media is doing 70% at the moment)

So who is actually at the top? That’s what I’d really like to know. Which ad network constantly out performs all others? Leave a comment if you’ve had any success and got paid real money from anyone.

3rd party services like Pubmatic and Rubicon will eventually answer this questions for all of us and settle the score once and for all and the cheap networks will fall…

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