Facebook Fails Again! The New Facebook has Ads..um?…Anywhere.

Posted on 15. Aug, 2008 in Online Advertising, Social Media

Wow, could they screw it up any more?

This is a total peeve of mine:  Plan a web site, do the layout, fully design it, put all the bells and whistles on it, THEN try to jam banner advertising somewhere!  WHY?  Why is always done backwards?  Why can’t anyone build a site and incorporate the advertising spots in the planning process?  It is always an afterthought.  The site looks great. OK, where should we jam some banner ads to make some money??  And why are they using an old ad size??  120×600 is the OLD skyscraper size.  Most sites use the 160×600 skyscraper now!  Come on Facebook, wake the hell up!   Your ads don’t even line up!  Look in the inbox, they have 2 different sizes on top of each other.  The 120×600’s look like they are just floating on the side somewhere, because, “Yup, we need ads somewhere.”

The Facebook ‘create your own ads’ look like shit as well.  They remind me of blogads, another crappy build it yourself ad tool, or even the Entrecard users that are all trying to hack together their own 125×125 banner.  (Yes, I’m embarrassed to say, I created my own crappy AdvertiseSpace ad when I tested out the system)  Crappy do it yourself ads, make people hate online ads, and just hurts the industry.  It’s just like those shitty local TV ads you see, where some jackass car dealer, decides to put himself in his TV commercial, cause he is so good looking and such a great actor.  People who can’t design shouldn’t make advertisements  Leave it to the professional graphic designers.   Graphic designers are so under-appreciated.  Some people have an eye for design and some don’t.    Anyway, banners are cheap enough that anyone can afford to get them made.  You can get a banner ad made for as low as $10 or $20 bucks.  If you are not willing to invest at least $20 to design something that represents your product or company, you shouldn’t be in business.

Oh and I love the ‘more ads’ at the bottom of the Facebook banner, cause that is fun to do, look at even more crappy ads…

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