MySpace launching automatic advertising platform

Posted on 24. Sep, 2008 in Online Advertising

OK,  this is a much better stab at the field than Facebook by far, but it still comes with some a few launch flaws.  MySpace Advertising

The Good:

– Looks slick and easy to use.  Very intuitive UI.

– You can create your ad without first creating an account.

– Upload is fast and easy.

– Nice demographic and profile targeting

– Low $25 minimum purchase

The Bad:

– Well, its MySpace…

– The build your own banner templates are horrendous.  Big surprise there.  Make your own ads always look like crap.  Hire a designer people!  You can get banners made for $10!

– Uploading banners and Images.  Looks slick, but it allows you to upload images on top of images.  Just for fun, I uploaded a 728×90, a 300×250 and a random size photo and they just pile them on top of each other in a collage.  hmmm?  not sure where that ad will look on MySpace.

The Ugly:

Biggest flaw by far.  CPC only & $0.25 CPC minimum.

Overall a very solid automated advertising platform and heaps better than Facebooks.

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