Blog Advertising Experiment – Part I

Posted on 17. Oct, 2008 in Online Advertising

OK, since I preach about the benefits of online advertising all day, moreover, blog advertising, I figured I should ‘drink the kool-aid’ so to speak.

Anyway, the first part of my online advertising experiment will be to by a few ads on various blogs.   A lot of people complain that they don’t have enough money or any budget to spend money on advertising, so I’m going to do this on a super shoestring and see what kind of bang I can get for just a few bucks, and prove my argument, that anyone can afford advertising.

First step I’ll need a banner.

– I’m going to head over to 20 dollar banners and get a 125×125 done up for my blog. This is a great site I’ve used over the years to get cheap quick banners made up.   You get several revisions as well and it’s hard to beat that price.

– Next, I’ll head to a few of the blogs I read and see what they charge as well as some high traffic ones with good prices.

Stay tuned to see which sites I buy ads on and the results.


Banner is designed and I have found a few cool places to advertise.  Here is the banner.

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