7 Guaranteed Ways to Increase you AdSense Revenue

Posted on 11. Nov, 2008 in Online Advertising


#7 Use Bigger sizes.  Bigger ads = Bigger dollars.   Who cares if they completely take over your site.  (OK maybe your readers do.)

#6 Ad MORE units.  This one is a no brainier, but the more ads you have on a page, the more ad revenue you will make.  Sure, there is a law of diminishing returns, but that will only affect each ad unit, not the overall revenue.

#5 Click on your own ads.  Yes, this one is against the TOS and will get you banned from AdSense, but in the short term you will generate $$$.  Google publicly frowns on this of course, just like affiliate companies frown on cookie stuffing but really they are laughing all the way to the bank.  ***NOT RECOMMENDED, JUST A JOKE RELAX!  So the real #5 is Change your Colors.  This one is easy to do and will help your $, but most people are just too lazy and use the default colors.  (me too:)

#4 Jam the Ads in key spots.  Sure you should have content at the top of the post, but the bloggers who jam AdSense units right at the top of the post make more money than you do…

#3 Stuff keywords everywhere.  It is the spam blogs that generate the bulk of Google’s long tail revenue, you know the sites, they contain virtually no real information, just a bunch of nonsensical keywords related to what you are really looking for.  Do a search on Google for ‘make money online’ and take a look at some of those results.  Have a look at this site in the top 10… Make Money Online Everything above the fold is an advertising link in some way, and has the words ‘make money’ in almost every sentence on the page.  Also try the ‘Make money at home’ and click on the 2nd result… MMAH.  Can you stuff anymore keywords on that page!!

#2 Be nice to Google.  Bitch slapping them like I do, does NOT help your revenue in any way, trust me…

#1 Write crappier content.  There is a direct inverse relationship to your effective CPM on AdSense and how good your content is.  If users really love what you write, they tend not to click away to something else.  If you write really low quality stuff, the readers who are looking for something useful will click on your AdSense away to something that they were  actually looking for…

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