5 Ways for Twitter to Generate Revenue $$$

Posted on 23. Dec, 2008 in twitter

1)  Sell multi-level premium memberships. One thing about top twitter users, they all have a ‘look at me’ personality.  Sell tiered premium levels of service and users will upgrade and pay money.  It would also be an easy way to limit the number of tweets per day based on account level.  Free memberships get 20 per day.

Silver Twitter:  Private accounts + 50 messages a day limit

Gold Twitter:  No sponsor messages+ 100 messages a day limit

Platinum Twitter:  Customized re-skin + 200 messages

2) Twitter should Buy TwitterImage, http://twitterimage.com/ and sell it as a upgrade feature to their user base.

3) Sell sponsored twitter posts, but keep it super limited.  One sponsor per day and send a message out to the entire twitter verse.   A company would easily pay $5,000 or even $10,000 for the opportunity for their message to go to millions in one day.  And users really won’t mind ONE message a day hitting their account?  You could probably go up to 1 per hour without anyone really getting pissed off.  And for the premium accounts, No messages.

4) Well I might as well include the catch all and the way all online companies throw out there as there ‘cool monitizing strategy’, “let’s put up some banners”. Yes twitter could do a full make over of their site and all users sites and integrate some ads.  Hey even AdSense will make them a few hundred K.

5) Sell twitter credits. Allow users to buy credits and spend them on silly little things.  It worked for facebook and they used to make millions off those crappy ‘gifts’.  Some example:

1 credit = 1 extra character of text.

2 credits = real smiley embedded into the tweet.

So what are some your ideas on how twitter can eventually make some dough?

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