10 Ways To Be A $uper cheap A$$ in a Recession.

Posted on 07. Jan, 2009 in Making Money

  1. Use less toilet paper.  That shit is expensive (excuse the pun)  Is your ass really that big?
  2. Shower faster. Make it like a game and see how fast you can do it.
  3. Make soup. It is the cheapest food you can make.  All those poor farmers can’t be wrong.  Add lots of cheap salt too.
  4. Complain about  your food.  If your food taste like crap at a restaurant, start speaking up more and bitching.  Discounts and free stuff will be in your future dine out.
  5. Inflate your car tires.  This one is the easiest way to save gas but most people are too lazy to check them.
  6. Don’t store shit in your car.  Check your trunk, have hockey gear, tools and crap.  That extra weight cost you gas money.
  7. Drive slower.  Ease up on the gas and float around the city.  You’ll burn less gas and be less stressed.
  8. Stop watching Movies for one year.  This one will hurt, but if you can give up the theatre and DVD rentals for a while, they eventually end up on TV.  Just ask your parents.  
  9. Steal someone else’s wi-fi.  Why pay for it, when your neighbours already are?
  10. Drink Domestic water.  In a restaurant when they try to up-sell you and ask, “would you like sparkling or bottled water?” just say, “I’ll have your domestic please…”

What are you ways to be a cheap A$$?  Link to your lists in the comment section.

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