9 Online Advertising Trends to Watch Out for in 2009

Posted on 28. Jan, 2009 in advertising trends

1) Paid Twitters – This is already happening and was inevitable.   Super twitter account holders will start selling out and doing ‘Hey check this out’ for cold hard cash.  It is easy to hide affiliate links as well, since most use URL shortening tools to link out.  Be a Magpie is one type of paid tweets. TweetROI is a new one.

2) Co-branded A combination of 2 advertisers working together, sharing costs and creating an advertisement that contains both companies brands.  This is a great way to help reduce the cost of your advertising and spread out your buy on more sites.  Give your partner a call and team up!

3) Non-Standard – In a quest to avoid things like banner blindness and to stand out from your competitors, more clients want ads that are not standard sizes.   This works best for sites that like to create their own version of the clients ad to blend better with the site.  Forget IAB, invent your own…

4) Micro Ads – (Also know as Favicon ads) This will have a resurgence in 2009, with more advertising directories showing up and tonnes of competition with publishers to offer the cheapest price, site will offer smaller and smaller ads at super cheap prices, like $5 or even $1.  This also exposes the sites to the highest number of potential advertisers.   Here is an example of a site that uses them…http://www.crazyleafdesign.com/blog/

5) Paid Reviews – This demand will continue to increase where more  companies are looking for favourable reviews of their company and services.   Disclosed or Not.  (Read the Kmart story here on CenterNetworks )

6) Blogger Branded – Only a few blogger’s have the brand power that will positively influence the click rate on ads, and the ones that do should have the banners designed to reflect their approval for a promoted product.  One blogger that does this well is Zac Johnson. (Take a look at the 125’s)

7) Integrated Ads – These ones again are not tradition ad units, but either the company’s logo or product built into the publishers site.  SheKnows does a great job with these type ads. (Have a look at the video unit)

 Re-Skins – These are on the rise again and I’m seeing more requests for them.  They are a great way to blend the brand with the site and way less obtrusive than takeovers. College Humor almost always has great re-skins running.

9) Fixed Monthly rates – With CPM’s dropping through the floor, we will see more publisher in 2009 offering flat monthly rates.   It also simplifies the purchase and speeds up the transaction, which is always a good thing.

Agree with these?  What other trends do you see for 2009?

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