How Selling Advertising on your Blog can actually keep you Blogging

Posted on 10. Feb, 2009 in Online Advertising


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 This is part of an old debate that some high profile bloggers still have.  Should I sell advertising on my blog? A few really big brand name individuals still choose not to sell advertising on their blogs, and some of the excuses are:

 ”I don’t need the money.”

“My blog is more like my personal resume.”

“I make more money from guest speaking as a result of my blog.”

“My blog promotes my books, which is my real money maker.”

etc. etc.

And while I do agree somewhat with these and the justifications behind them, selling advertising on your blog, can actually keep you blogging and not slacking off, or making excuses like,  “I’m too busy to blog.”


Well if people are paying you to advertise on your blog, they are going to expect that it gets updated, somewhat frequently.  And the fact that you are getting money from them, you essentially owe it to them, to keep your site updated.  In fact, you work for them. And if that doesn’t spur you on, the check at the end of the month might be a motivator, no matter how small.

This is the blog that inspired this post. And he ‘latest post’ is on “why an ad free blog rocks.”  The post date?  Oct 2008. 

So did he lose his passion for blogging?   Maybe, but one thing is for sure.  He has no guilt with  ‘keeping his advertisers happy’  It is too bad as there are fantastic posts on that site, maybe if he had a few advertisers, he’d still be blogging…

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