Power Social Media Users are the New Celebrity Brand Sponsors

Posted on 31. Mar, 2009 in Online Advertising, Social Media, twitter

Forget Tiger woods, super social influencer can help you sell more products!

Bloggers & Power Twitterers are the new ‘Super Influencers’ and companies are dying to get their products pitched by them.

They send out free products, sometimes blindly just hoping that the blogger who received the free gift, will use it, like it, and if they are lucky blog favourably about the product.   And marketers are even paying the bloggers to write raving reviews.

Some bloggers are torn with the idea of getting paid to write a positive review of a product, and some readers frown upon it or think the writer is selling out.  I too used to also think that way.  But think about this…

What about all those super rich celebrities that get paid to endorse products?   Sometimes even products that they personally would never use?  Olympic Gold medal winner Donovan Bailey pitching Maple leaf hot dogs?  Do think his coach would even allow him to eat a hot dog?   What about Tiger woods who gets paid millions to pitch American Express or worse, his multi-million dollar contract with Accenture?  What would Tiger need with an Global outsourcing Technology company?

It is already proven that your peers are the biggest influencer on purchasing decision.   If you best friend recommends a good movie, you are much more likely to watch it, than if a celebrity recommended it.  And you are also more likely to buy a book that your sister or mother recommended.  And the new peer network is moving to your virtural friends and online social  networks .  

These new super influencers are ‘power social users’ spending as much as 50+ hours online, blogging, using facebook and now twitter where they can instantly reach out to thousands of other peers in under 140 characters…

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