Yaro of Blog Mastermind Launches his own Membership Site.

Posted on 28. Apr, 2009 in Affiliate Programs

The Internet guru and make money online expert behind Blog Mastermind is at it again, this time with a membership site training course.  With the runaway success of Brian Clark’s own Teaching Sells, Yaro himself is replicating the same program.  I did sign up for the Teaching Sells course myself when it re-launched back in Feb.  The course were solidly written true to Brain’s copy writing expertise and very motivating to do your own training course.   I’m not sure if Yaro himself took Brian’s course and was inspired or he just saw the success and decided to replicate it?  His pitch page is a little over hyped with promises of gold and riches, but sound ideas, if you put your mind to it. Either way, with Yaro’s great writing and audience pull, I’m sure this course will also be a tremendous success. 

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