Ten Ways to Earn Money through Blogging

Posted on 16. Jul, 2009 in Online Advertising

By: Guest Blogger

“Like life, blogging can be meaningful and rewarding as well.”

Money blogging or getting paid for blogging can mean; being paid just by writing for a site, posting advertisements, news feeds, pictures, music, or even videos. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can provide sources of topics and inspiration for bloggers to write and work on and ultimately generate earnings.

Sites like those mentioned above provide leverage for those who intend to create visible web logs or blogs and pursuing advantage through multiple clicks or hits from visitors of that site. This process usually creates traffic and when there’s high traffic comes more money from advertisers of the site. Advertisers gravitate towards popular sites and are willing to pay a small sum just to make the brands of their products and services highly visible. It goes without saying that the traffic generated creates more money for the site, and more money also to the bloggers. 

Here are 10 ways you earn money by blogging:

1)  Maintain a site by writing and publishing your own blog.

2)  Provide free blogging customization to blog enthusiasts.

3)  Use search-engine optimized blogging and earn money using affiliate program sites like Twitter.

4)  Direct all site visitors to focus on few popular pages – (known as your money pages).

5)  Create more ‘Google-visible’ or ‘Alexa-visible’ web content.

6)  Create automated blogging. (Not recommended)

7)  Get paid by selling text links on your site.

8)  Get paid through affiliate programs you promote.

9) Create high-priced keywords and optimize them for ease to find using search engines, get paid by joining blog networks

10) Get paid by branding or promoting brands of products or services.