Selling Advertising and the Power of Demographic Information

Posted on 23. Jul, 2009 in Online Advertising

If you want to sell advertising to bigger companies on your web site, you are going to need detailed information about the visitors to your site.  The biggest challenge for smaller sites is how and where to get this user demographic information?

The basic information required for most advertisers:

  1. Male / Female ratio
  2. US traffic % (Also your local country of residence if applicable)
  3. Visitors Age ranges
  4. Education level

One company that is making this easier, especially for the individual or small site owner is Crowd Science (Disclosure – I am on the advisory board for this company)

Crowd Science Demographics is a new analytics service that builds detailed reports on the demographics and attitudes of website audiences.
By surveying a small number visitors with carefully constructed questionnaires, Crowd Science Demographics is able to build comprehensive profiles that give publishers a deep understanding of their audience.

Crowdscience simplifies this process by fully automating the surveys in an easy non-obtrusive way for your site visitors.  By having a deeper insight into the type of person who visits your site, it will enable you to confidentially target potential advertisers.   Sign up and start getting a handle on who your visitors really are.

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