The 10 best 125×125 banners to Make Money on your Blog

Posted on 30. Jul, 2009 in Affiliate Programs, Making Money, Online Advertising

I’ve tested out literally hundreds of different 125 affiliate banners over the years and here are a few of the top converters I’ve found.

Blog Themes are great ones to promote in almost any niche, as a lot of your readers will be bloggers themselves and bloggers are always changing their themes.  If they purchase a theme, they will need hosting to go along with it.  And well twitter tools are just getting started.

Hummingbird 2 – This one is my personal ATM machine and my favorite one to promote.  Twitter tools are super popular now and products like this convert really well.  They have paid out over $70,000 in affiliate commissions so far and have only been around a few months. I’ve managed to hit the top referral percentage, and my blog has pretty low traffic.  ( )

Image what you could do with a medium sized blog?

WooThemes is a great one and actually the theme I use for this blog. (someone made money off me:)

StudioPress has awesome WordPress themes and what we use for the b5media portal sites like

Affiliate Theme is a solid solution for anyone looking to create multiple pitch pages.  (This one is quite a narrow niche and won’t work well on all blogs, but I have a few referral fees from my site here)

Aweber is one of the absolute best email newsletter systems to use, the one I use,  a lot of big name bloggers also use it and other bloggers are starting to catch on.  Market it now before everyone uses it

GetResponse is another newsletter system, and what I love about this one is the affiliate program is 2 tier which means you will also make money off other affiliates sales.  I currently have around 10 sub-affiliates myself.


Tweet Adder is a new one I’ve been using and pretty happy with the sales numbers.  Everyone is using twitter and growing your followers is as addictive as collecting gold in WOW.

ShoeMoney Tools – I personally haven’t promoted this one yet, but there is now a $3.95 Trial for 9 days which should make you some quick cash and I’ve seen this one popping up on a bunch of blogs.  Shoe also offers a 50% for life payout for your referrals.

Market Leverage – This is a great affiliate network to promote, as they have tonnes of the most popular offers and they also offer a 2nd tier commission.

HostGator – With blogging and online marketing you need hosting and this is the one I use.  At $125 per referral, they have one of the highest affiliate payout’s.  HostGator is one of the most popular hosting programs to promote.  (My only complaint is the banners are a little dated)

Any others ones that you love?

The End of Ad Networks  ~ …Coming in 2010

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