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Posted on 20. Nov, 2008 Randall in Affiliate Programs, Making Money

The guys who brought you Text Link Ads have come up with another product to monetize your blogs, this time in the inline text category.  The differentiator with their product is, unlike Vibrant and Kontera, Inlinks does not have a pop-up component.  And that is the one main annoyance with most users of inline text ads, especially when they don’t mean to hover over the word or do so unintentionally.   (Since it is not a pop-up the magnifier image is a poor choice of examples to use on their web site…)

Anyway, I’ve submitted this site for approval and then will test it our here to see what it looks like.

Without the popup element I’m not sure they will perform as well for $$ as their competitors, but I like the idea of buying keywords right in the page.  Full editorial control is also a first in this space that I’m aware of, and the concept of flat monthly fee is a great idea.

Another feature that is a first is the ability to buy ‘futures’.  Basically you prepay for a keyword that is not yet in a post and when someone uses that keyword in their blog it automatically goes live.  Very cool concept.

You can sign up here and get $100 worth of links for only $1:

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