Twitter Advertising? Twittad is not the answer…

Posted on 22. Oct, 2008 in Social Media, twitter

So there have been a few stabs at trying to figure out how to get advertising rolling in and around twitter.

One company twittad allows users to sell re-skins on their home page twitter account.   The obvious flaw with that model is, who really reads twitter through individual pages?  I don’t really know the percentage, but basic logic will tell you that number is pretty low.  One of the basis of twitters’ success is the ability to read updates from pretty much any mobile device and tonnes of 3rd party apps.  If you take a look at the few purchases on twittad they are mainly the company themselves, and at around 10 bucks with 1000 followers, why bother?

So what is the answer to the microblogging advertising problem?  A ’sponsored by’ line at the end of updates?  Or even a micro dot that is not readable, but clickable.  Just a tiny pixel that can be sponsored and clicked on.  If readers know it is there, they may come to look forward to something new to click on each day.

Your thoughts?

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