20 Painful parts of Buying Online Advertising!

Posted on 23. Dec, 2009 in Online Advertising

Buying and Selling online advertising is both difficult and time consuming, which is why a lot of companies just don’t do it.  Here are some of the most painful aspects of buying online advertising manually.

  1. Searching the web to find great sites to advertise on.
  2. Wandering all over the site looking for advertising information.
  3. Searching a site looking for any contact information at all.
  4. Emailing sites asking for rate cards.
  5. Waiting for the sites to actually respond to your inquires.
  6. Haggling over rates and prices, trying to get a better deal.
  7. Waiting for package information.
  8. Calculation CPM’s
  9. Asking for more info, like traffic details.
  10. Waiting for insertion orders.
  11. Signing insertion orders
  12. Faxing insertion orders.
  13. Counter-signing insertion orders.
  14. Going through a credit check. (Yes, some sites request a credit check!)
  15. Sites not accepting PayPal or Credit card for payment.
  16. Sending a physical check in the mail with a stamp.
  17. Asking what banner specs they allow.
  18. Sending in banners.
  19. Waiting for banners to go live.
  20. Trying to change up the creative, but no one responds.

And now the good news…you no longer need to deal with any of these pain points .  This blog post actually gave me  a headache writing it!

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