21 Painful parts of Selling Online Advertising

Posted on 25. Jan, 2019 in Online Advertising

  1. It is Painful searching  for Advertisers.
  2. Emailing potential advertisers.
  3. Finding the right person who actually does the marketing.
  4. Pitching them.
  5. Putting together banner ad packages.
  6. Sending out Insertion Orders.
  7. Waiting for signed faxes.
  8. Waiting on creative after deal is signed.
  9. Getting banners from advertisers that are not up to your sites specs.
  10. Getting banners that don’t even work.
  11. Getting horrible banners that blink and flash.
  12. Getting flash banners that don’t have a click URL in them.
  13. Uploading banners to Ad servers.
  14. Using ANY AD SERVER= Most Painful!
  15. Dealing with cheezy sales reps.
  16. Hiring sales reps.
  17. Paying expense sales reps.
  18. Invoicing for banner ads sold.
  19. Trying to collect payments for ads sold.
  20. Getting clients to pay for the 2nd month.
  21. Making sure ads are renewed and still running.

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