The Changing Face of Online Gaming

The igaming industry is growing exponentially, with increased revenue and player numbers. With the rise in popularity, gamers can now enjoy entertainment on desktop computers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile gaming has facilitated accessibility for players who would otherwise not play due to their geographical location or physical limitations. This has led to igaming advertising becoming a significant source of revenue for igaming companies. All-new gaming companies are looking to capture this new group of customers as long-term players on their venues.

This article will explain how igaming advertising is evolving to cater to this new customer base and how they can make the most of it.

Igaming advertising has traditionally been delivered through online banners. However, with gamers’ increasing use of ad blockers, this method is becoming less effective. In response, igaming companies are turning to other forms of advertising, such as streamers on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, as a way to reach gamers. This form of igaming advertising proves more effective by increasing brand awareness and player satisfaction while minimising the risk of igaming companies losing players due to ad blockers.

In addition to this traditional igaming advertising method, igaming brands are developing their personalised ads targeting specific players based on their gaming behaviour. For example, igaming brands can create advertisements designed for new players unfamiliar with the brand’s gaming venue. These ads will feature tutorial-style videos which show new gamers how to play specific games that gaming companies have advertised.

This type of targeted advertising allows igaming companies to generate new interest for their entertainment product.

In conclusion, igaming advertising has shifted from traditional online banners to more personalised ads based on customer behaviour through platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

Demo slots are increasing in popularity.

Another popular way to capture this new audience is via free demo slot machines that allow players to get a feel for the games without spending any real money. Gaming companies can host these demo slot machines on their websites and use them as a draw for igaming affiliates. In return, the igaming affiliate is given a percentage of all revenue generated from players who use this particular advertising method.

In addition to free demo slots, igaming brands have been developing games specifically aimed at people who have never played these kinds of online games.

How an international brand used free slots as a traffic driver

The extensive BETO gaming community was one of the early adopters of free slot machines as one of their traffic drivers. The company found that their large selection of popular casino games would perfectly drive traffic to igaming brands.

BETO offered their affiliates the ability to promote igaming brands via an embeddable widget that contained a selection of free slot machines. This widget allowed BETO’s affiliates to place it on their websites, and any players who clicked through and played one of the demos would receive a tracking ID.

The results of this campaign were impressive, as the igaming brands that participated saw a significant increase in their sign-up rates. In some cases, the conversion rate was as high as 15%. The success of this traffic driver can be attributed to the fact that it allowed players to try out the games for free before signing up.’s Head of Marketing, Julius De Vries, had this to say about the success of using free online slots as a new traffic magnet:

“As part of our marketing strategy, we developed a large selection of free modern video slots that our audience could play for free without any strings attached. This way of allowing play for free made it possible for us to increase our slot selection while still keeping conversions on target.”

BETO’s sign-up rates by offering players the chance to try out their games for free is an excellent example of how igaming advertising is changing to better meet gamers’ needs.

Streaming: The new traffic channel

Twitch is famous for its large selection of brands focused on the igaming traffic market. Besides attracting igaming companies, Twitch hosts many players who enjoy watching their favourite gamers playing games while they chat with them live in real-time.

Twitch can offer both igaming brands and players an advertising platform without any conflict of interest by offering ad placements honestly and reliably. Igaming brands can buy advertising spots that can be shown throughout Twitch’s live streams, whereas players are only served ads when they’re playing a game themselves.

This way, igaming companies maintain their trust in the platform and ensure that no ad is displayed during any stream where there might be issues with brand safety.

Customer acquisition cost has skyrocketed.

After the COVID epidemic, brands are looking for new traffic channels as the number one challenge that igaming companies face is the high cost of customer acquisition. The high customer acquisition cost is also why igaming brands are starting to explore new ad formats, such as VR games and stream takeovers. These new formats can reach a larger audience at a lower cost than traditional advertising methods. It will be interesting to see how these new formats develop in the future and whether igaming companies will find new traffic channels that allow them to maintain a competitive edge.

What does the future hold for gaming brands?

New traffic sources are needed if gaming brands continue succeeding in the online gaming industry. The traditional advertising methods are no longer as effective as they once were, so igaming companies need to explore new ways to reach their target audience. VR games are one area that igaming brands are starting to explore.

The newest ad format is what igaming companies refer to as a “stream takeover”. This form of advertising allows igaming brands to take over the live stream and integrate their brand into the content in a way that doesn’t break immersion but still offers value for both igaming companies and gamers alike.